Hazukashi House is situated on a relatively small plot so the architects decided to build upwards by designing the house around a central open space. External windows were kept to a minimum to preserve privacy and a lot of the light flow in the house shines down through this double height ceilinged void. Remarkably, ALTS Design Office also managed to keep this house in dense suburban Kyoto a detached dwelling, which allowed for ancillary frosted glass windows to be incorporated along the sides of the building.

The front facade has a very prominent pitched roof and to say that this gabled shape is merely a recurring theme throughout this house would be an understatement of epic proportions. Instead, this symbolic house motif has been incorporated into every single doorway, aperture and recess of Hazukashi House. While essentially being a simple pentagonal shape, this gabled form immediately reminds us of a child’s first drawings of idyllic houses invokes a sense of playfulness in an otherwise refined, minimalistic interior.

Timber cladding with muted grey tones has been used throughout the interior spaces, which is complimented by polished concrete floors and more vibrant wood varieties for the floors and stairs. The communal areas of Hazukashi House are essentially one continuous flowing space — the pentagonal doorways perhaps not being suitable for actual doors — which creates a sense of openness perfectly suited to family life.


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